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Florida fiduciaries seek the assistance of the attorneys of Doane & Doane, P.A. to administer and manage their trusts and estates.

The founding partners of Doane & Doane are board certified West Palm Beach Probate Attorneys. With the additional advantage of certified public accountancy in their backgrounds, they present a unique combination of skills and experience which enables them to effectively settle, administer, and manage clients’ trusts and estates.

Probate Administration Lawyer Palm Beach

Overseeing an estate can be a time-consuming and complicated process. We help clients every step of the way. Our probate administrative services include:

  • Proving in court that a deceased person’s will is valid
  • Identifying and inventorying the deceased person’s property
Probate & Trust Administration West Palm Beach
  • Property appraisal
  • Supervising and arranging the estate’s debts and taxes
  • Distributing property as directed by a will
  • Transferring title and ownership of assets to the proper beneficiaries

Trust administration Lawyer Palm Beach

Our lawyers oversee the management of trust assets for the benefit of one or more third-party beneficiaries.

Personal Representative Probate Guidance Lawyers Palm Beach

The personal representative, executor, or executrix must follow Florida law to conclude the decedent’s affairs, including:

  • Giving the proper notices to proper parties
  • Collecting the decedent’s property
  • Receiving claims against the estate
  • Paying valid claims and disputing others
  • Distributing estate property according to the will or state law
  • Selling estate property to cover debts or allow for proper distribution, if necessary

Fiduciary Accounting

Fiduciary accounting involves regularly communicating financial information about a trust to the trustee, principal, and other interested parties, such as the IRS and the courts. Because such accountings are carefully scrutinized, precision and accuracy are essential.

Fiduciary Tax Compliance

Our lawyers help fiduciaries prepare and file tax returns for trusts, Probate, and estates in compliance with federal and state law.

Investment Research and Due Diligence

Probate Attorney West Palm Beach at Doane & Doane research the financial and legal aspects of potential investments and provide thorough analytical guidance to fiduciaries of trusts and estates.

Residency and Domicile Issues

IRS change of address notice. To ensure our clients get their tax refunds and other IRS correspondence, Doane & Doane can file IRS Form 8822 for clients who move.

Homestead Exemption issues. A Florida homeowner’s principal residence provides a substantial property tax exemption. In some cases, the government places restrictions on the property’s transfer at death to protect the homestead owner’s family. Sometimes, these restrictions can have a detrimental effect on an estate plan. The attorneys at Doane & Doane are fully aware of all homestead restrictions and use comprehensive estate and West Palm Beach Probate Attorneys planning to help clients avoid detrimental effects.

Declaration of domicile. To be eligible for the Homestead Exemption and other benefits of being a resident of Florida, clients – particularly those with alternate residences in New York or other states – must establish Florida domicile and abandon their prior domiciles.