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The law firm of Doane & Doane, P.A., hosts an experienced team of attorneys and paralegals who will be able to assist you in every aspect of guardianship matters. A guardianship is a legal relationship between a person named in a Will, Trust, or petition with the court to care for either minor children or adults who have been deemed incompetent to care for themselves. When the court system is involved with a guardianship, the journey from start to finish can be long and confusing to the lay person. Let the attorneys at Doane & Doane, P.A. help in these matters – they are experienced with this type of law. They are ready, willing and able to assist the guardianship client through the labyrinth of proceedings which will result in a successful relationship for all concerned./vc_column_text]

Depending on whether the guardianship relates to a minor child or an incapacitated adult, the laws and paperwork for each area are specific and detail-oriented regarding duties, responsibilities, and powers of the guardian. The court is quite often the “supervisor” of the guardianship and the particulars are expected to be followed verbatim. The assistance of the legal team at Doane & Doane, P.A. can make the navigation of those procedures easy to facilitate.

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Without proper assistance, guardianships can become frustrating for both the guardian and the “ward.” We, at Doane & Doane, P.A., are ready to assist in every facet of a guardianship. We know the laws of the State of Florida as they pertain to such situations and we are prepared to assist along the way so that the guardianship of a loved one becomes the answer to a prayer rather than the reason for a prayer.
On an informational note, attorney and partner of this Firm, Rebecca Doane, was the founder of the Guardianship Education Committee of Palm Beach County in 1989. Until 2013, she served as chairperson and mentor in the development of a tutorial course for potential guardians. Her guardianship education course is now required by the court system of Palm Beach County for any potential guardian. It serves as the prototype for such courses in other counties in Florida. We are a primary resource for any guardianship being considered in Palm Beach County, surrounding counties, or the State of Florida.

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