Looking to Flip Houses? Careful Not to Flop on Your Taxes
We all love HGTV, don’t we? Whether it is Property Brothers, Flip or Flop, Love It or List It, or any number of television shows about flipping houses, it is the kind of reality TV show that makes us feel refreshed. An old house gets new life; a young couple renovates their way to a dream home; the worst house [...]
Build Your Wealth – Consider Some Advanced Estate Planning Strategies
As we begin the new year, you need to not only get your basic estate planning documents in place – such as your last will and testament and your durable power of attorney – but you also should consider some advanced estate planning techniques. Engaging in some more sophisticated estate planning can be a great way to build your wealth [...]
New Year’s Resolution – Review Your Estate Planning for 2020
We are beginning a whole new decade. There could not be a better time to think about our legacy. It is most likely you have a number of New Year’s resolutions on your list for 2020. So, as you are taking the time to think about the future, take a little extra time to think about the future for your [...]
Sibling Squabbles – How Estate Planning Can Avoid Fights Over Inheritance
Sadly, the phrase “It’s such a shame that we can’t get along,” is something you commonly hear when adult siblings are in a lawyer’s office trying to resolve issues surrounding an inheritance.  In fact, we at Doane & Doane have all too often been involved in matters in which families are torn apart, or already existing fault lines are made [...]
Do I Need an Attorney to Obtain a Legal Guardianship Issue in Florida?
You cannot obtain a guardianship without the assistance of a lawyer in the State of Florida.  While you may be able to draft a will or represent yourself in court, guardianship is different.  Guardianship involves a court-appointed person (or entity) who must make vital legal, financial, and medical decisions for another person.  Accordingly, the State of Florida requires the assistance of [...]
Top 10 Estate Planning Steps to Avoid Family Inheritance Disputes
Doane & Doane not only represents trustees and personal representatives who are named in the estate plans that we have prepared, but our firm also works on behalf of clients who are involved in estate administration and litigation cases for estate plans that Doane & Doane did not create.  In the course of those representations, we have come to see [...]
The Florida Formal Probate Administration Process in 10 Easy Steps
If you have a loved one who is ill, or if you are simply curious about the process of probate in Florida, then this is the article for you. While there are other types of probate, such as a summary administration, the most common type of probate administration is a formal administration. In that vein, having a handle on the [...]
5 Estate Planning Tips for Unmarried Couples
There is no question that couples are waiting a lot longer to get married than couples did 20 or 30 years ago.  In fact, a recent study shows that as the marriage rate has fallen, the number of adults in cohabiting relationships continues to increase.   Specifically, there are about 18 million people cohabiting, which is 29% higher than in 2007.  [...]
What to Know Once Your Loved One Passes Away: The Formal Probate Administration Process
For many of us, our loved ones’ passing is a time to grieve and honor them one last time. We make sure their estate is distributed according to their wishes. Many people in Florida, especially older relatives, make wills to ensure that the loved ones they kept in mind during their lifetimes will have an easier time of things. Sometimes [...]
What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Florida Attorney to Review Your Business Contracts?
Are you thinking about going into business here in the Sunshine State?  Do you already have a business, but are getting overwhelmed with all of the things required to keep your business afloat?  If either is true for you, then read on.