Plan Early, and Plan to Access Assets That Are In a Trust
In a strange sort of way, estate planning is like going to the gym, going on a diet, or cleaning out that back room. Those do not seem to go together so how are they similar, do you ask? Well, they are all things that we know we should do, that we know are important for our lives, and that [...]
What Does Incapacity Mean in Florida?
It is never a pleasant thing to consider, but you would be wise to think about how your affairs and your person should be handled if you were ever to become incapacitated. In fact, several surveys have indicated that 81 percent of people report having thought about issues of incapacity, but only 33 percent report having actually completed important legal [...]
How Much Does Probate Cost in Florida?
Many estate planning attorneys, including the experienced probate attorneys in West Palm Beach at Doane & Doane, recommend that clients do what they can to avoid probate. Why do you ask? Well, in short, probate can be expensive. You might think that probate is absolutely necessary when someone has a last will and testament, but that is not always the case. [...]
How Can I Benefit from an Incentive Trust?
We all know that money is a pretty powerful device. Changes in tax policy incentivize people to save or spend their money in particular ways just so they can keep more of it. Take for example, electric cars. Electric car sales increased the moment that people received tax breaks for buying them.  
Are We Ready for Electronic Wills?
Change can be difficult. It takes time to get used to new ways of thinking, or new ways of doing things. Yet, change is inevitable, particularly when it comes to technology. In this article, we will discuss the new law in Florida that allows people to create an electronic will. We will cover the basic details of the law, and [...]
How Can You Protect Your Assets from Future Creditors?
As we age, protecting our assets is one of the things that many of us worry about most. From our real estate holdings such as our primary residence and investment properties, to cash, stocks, and bonds; there are many sources of income both liquid and illiquid that can be attacked by creditors in order to satisfy any judgments or outstanding [...]
How to Change the Trustee of an Irrevocable Trust in Florida’s
More and more people are taking advantage of the estate planning benefits of trusts. A trust can provide a useful tool in which a person can designate how his or her assets will be administered and distributed without having to force family members to go through probate on those particular assets that are part of the trust.
The Secure Act: How Will the New Law Impact You?
Planning for retirement can be a challenge. We often do not think as far ahead as we should, and we often do not save as much as we should for our golden years. In addition, the retirement planning challenge gets even more difficult when you need to keep track of changes in the rules with regard to Individual Retirement Accounts [...]
What Are Common Elder Law Scams?
As Florida residents, many of us know about the incessant phone calls, mailers, and other scare tactics that our senior citizens face. From one fraudulent scheme to another, criminals play on the fears of the elderly and attempt to siphon their savings by creating a problem that does not exist.  Or, the fraudsters may try to make seniors worry that [...]