What Is Formal Administration in Florida?
If a loved one in your family has passed away, there are many considerations to handle all at one time, usually when you are feeling many emotions and a great deal of stress. In this article, we will give you some basics with regard to the formal administration of an estate based on Florida law, so you have a point [...]
Is There Any Tax Relief During the COVID-19 Crisis?
Our world feels like it has changed overnight. In many ways, it has. Moreover, it will likely take a considerable amount of time for things to feel like they are going back to normal. Of course, the one thing that we can always count on is having to pay taxes.
How Do I Choose the Right Attorney to Draft My Will?
We are in the middle of a pandemic. It is scary, no doubt, and it is forcing many of us to contemplate the unpleasant notion of “what might happen if I get sick?” or “what might happen to my family?”
How Do I Execute a Will in a Time of COVID-19 Social Distancing?
It is a sad reality that this terrible coronavirus pandemic has caused all of us to start thinking about some less-than-pleasant “what ifs.” Accordingly, in an effort to know what to expect, many people are reaching out to our estate planning attorneys seeking information about what might happen when someone passes away. Sadly, we have seen an increase in questions [...]
Estate Planning During the Coronavirus: Should You Get Your Estate in Order?
This is a challenging, scary time for everyone. Not since the 1918 flu pandemic or the polio epidemic in the 1940s and 50s, have we had to worry about getting sick by just leaving our homes. Given the level of fear throughout the country, and throughout the world, many people are beginning to consider how their affairs should be handled [...]
Inherited Trusts and Divorce
If an inheritance is left in trust for a child or other beneficiary, rather than being left outright, it will be much better protected from lawsuits, bankruptcies, divorces, and similar misfortunes. However, in some cases, the protection afforded by a trust is not absolute, and inherited trust assets could be reachable by an ex-spouse of the beneficiary in some circumstances. [...]
The Secret to Self-Cancelling Installment Notes
As experienced estate planning attorneys, we at Doane & Doane spend a great deal of time understanding the many estate planning investment vehicles out there. We are also well versed in those techniques that are used primarily to limit or even avoid altogether gift and estate taxes when giving assets to family members.  
What Do Joint Tenants with Rights of Survivorship Mean?
Simply put, the answer to the question “What do joint tenants with rights of survivorship mean?” is fairly straightforward. In that question there are two basic concepts you need to know: 1. Joint tenancy; and 2. Right of survivorship. In this blog, we will discuss those two concepts in some detail. Because those terms are pretty important whenever you purchase [...]