Can You Amend an Irrevocable Trust?
Typically, you cannot amend an irrevocable trust.  But, as they say, there is an exception to every rule.  So, this article is going to take a little time to discuss the meaning of an irrevocable trust, and then discuss exceptions that might make a trust a little less “irrevocable.”
What Is a Pour-Over Will?
A “pour-over will” is a special kind of last will and testament.   It works in conjunction with a revocable trust, and it is worth considering in your estate plan.  This blog will get you familiar with all the basics of a pour-over will. 
Life Insurance Beneficiary – What are the Probate and Tax Consequences?
As a beneficiary of a life insurance policy, you may have a number of questions regarding how the money you receive when the insured passes is handled, and taxed.
Prenuptial Agreements: Are They Legally Binding?
Did you know that not too long ago many states prohibited the use of prenuptial agreements? That may seem strange today, but the reasoning in our society a few decades ago was that prenuptial agreements made married couples more likely to divorce.
Succession Planning = Planning for Success of Your Family-Owned Business
As one of the most prominent Palm Beach, Florida attorneys handling estate and succession planning issues, we at Doane & Doane work with some clients with amazing stories to tell. One of our clients recently came to us with a problem – planning for the continuation of his family-owned business after his death.
Medicaid Matters: 5 FAQs
As we age, we need to consider what assets and income sources are available to us for long-term care and nursing home care.  Of course, we have all heard the stories about nursing homes that have a graduated payment system for the elderly, which typically results in washing away a person’s life savings.  That unfortunate reality leaves many family members [...]
Property, Probate, and a Downside to Summary Administration?
You may have a family member who was an artist, a free spirit, who never owned a lot of assets. She seemed to always be living in a different place. She may have been your favorite aunt, the cool family member who treated you more like an adult than any other person when you were a kid. She was the [...]
What is a Guardianship?
One of the things we all are concerned about is the possibility that we may become incapacitated. That is, that we may suffer an injury or illness such that we cannot make critical decisions about our property, our assets, our medical treatment, our financial holdings, and overall, our lives.
What Can I Do Now to Avoid Probate Later?
The drawbacks to the probate process can be pretty severe. In fact, many people – regardless of the size of their estate – know that probate is something that is best to avoid as much as possible. Probate can be costly and time consuming. The process can result in loss of control over how assets are handled, and private information [...]
What You Need to Know About Prenuptial Agreements
You are about to be married. It is a time of joy, of celebration, of hopes and dreams, of love everlasting. You are about to begin a marriage, full of wonderful possibilities. Of course, the last thing you will want to consider is the end of the marriage, let alone a prenuptial agreement laying out, contractually, what will happen if [...]