The Florida Formal Probate Administration Process in 10 Easy Steps
If you have a loved one who is ill, or if you are simply curious about the process of probate in Florida, then this is the article for you. While there are other types of probate, such as a summary administration, the most common type of probate administration is a formal administration. In that vein, having a handle on the [...]
5 Estate Planning Tips for Unmarried Couples
There is no question that couples are waiting a lot longer to get married than couples did 20 or 30 years ago.  In fact, a recent study shows that as the marriage rate has fallen, the number of adults in cohabiting relationships continues to increase.   Specifically, there are about 18 million people cohabiting, which is 29% higher than in 2007.  [...]
What to Know Once Your Loved One Passes Away: The Formal Probate Administration Process
For many of us, our loved ones’ passing is a time to grieve and honor them one last time. We make sure their estate is distributed according to their wishes. Many people in Florida, especially older relatives, make wills to ensure that the loved ones they kept in mind during their lifetimes will have an easier time of things. Sometimes [...]
What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Florida Attorney to Review Your Business Contracts?
Are you thinking about going into business here in the Sunshine State?  Do you already have a business, but are getting overwhelmed with all of the things required to keep your business afloat?  If either is true for you, then read on.    
What is Ancillary Probate and How Does It Impact You?
When a loved one passes on, the last thing many want to think about is how their family member’s estate will be settled according to the law. For most, it is reassuring to know that the Florida probate process is straightforward for a decedent who lived in Florida. A Florida court can easily dispose of property or other assets located [...]
Estates 101: The Four Types of Probate in Florida
Life is a long, beautiful marathon with an indistinct finish line. Having a will in place is not always enough to ensure that what you want to pass down to your family is handled after you pass away. Remember that all, or at least a substantial portion of your assets, must go through a court process to ensure that your [...]
The Grantor Retained Unitrust – Not as Complicated as It Sounds
Thinking about retirement and providing for your family after you have passed away can be daunting. For one, let’s be honest, it is not the most exciting, uplifting, joyous subject on which to spend any length of time. Planning for life after our demise is the classic definition of what we call, in slang terms, a “really bummer.” Second, it [...]
The Truth About Irrevocable Trusts
The key factor in an irrevocable trust is right there in the title – irrevocable. That means that, as you would expect, the trust cannot be revoked, right? Well, as they say, for every rule, there is an exception. And irrevocable trusts are, without being too confusing, no exception to the rule. Simply stated, irrevocable trusts are generally irrevocable, but [...]
Does Life Insurance Go Through Probate?
With matters of wills and inheritance, we are often reluctant to engage in a real, down-to-earth discussion about them.  Without question, death and dying, and planning for those eventualities, are not very pleasant subjects. So, it is no surprise that such conversations are few and far between.  Indeed, few Thanksgiving Day tables this year will be filled with talk of [...]
Common Questions About Guardianship For Minors
There are times and circumstances in life when a person is unable to take care of themselves. In such situations, a guardian is appointed who takes over the legal authority to make decisions on behalf of their ward. A guardian is usually appointed for minor children, incapacitated seniors and physically & mentally challenged adults. In the case of minors, guardianship [...]